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Wavelength Calibrated Optical Filter Glass

Wavelength Calibrated Optical Filter Glass From Stock
Wavelength calibrated filter glass transmits light in the rising color spectrum, and is used for 3 color separations, selection of wavelengths and color compensation. Wavelength calbrated filters are used for correction of the sensitivity of Silicon sensors such as CCD and CMOS used in Silicon receivers and electronic cameras.

View wavelength calibrated filter glass transmission curves.

Wavelength calibrated filter glass from stock comes standard 50mm square x 1mm, 2mm and 3mm thick, standard transparent finish 60/40 scratch/dig. Availability of product is subject to change based on current in stock inventory.

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Item# Violet Filters Schott (equiv)  Hoya (equiv) Geometry  Thickness
 FG-RC01-1  50mm x 50mm 1mm+/- .1mm
 FG-RC01-2  50mm x 50mm 2mm+/- .1mm
 FG-RC01-3  50mm x 50mm 3mm+/- .1mm
 FG-WL01-1  BG 20 V-10 50mm x 50mm 1mm+/- .1mm
 FG-WL01-2  BG 20 V-10 50mm x 50mm 2mm+/- .1mm
 FG-WL01-3  BG 20 V-10 50mm x 50mm 3mm+/- .1mm