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Optical Glass Properties

Wafer Vacuum Chuck Lapping, Vacuum Chuck Reconditioning

Wafer chucks, also referred to as vacuum chucks or dicing chucks, can be reconditioned to original flatness and parallelism specifications. Instead of replacing vacuum chucks send them for reconditioning.

Precision vacuum chucks are manufactured to extreme flatness and parallelism, and some have mirror-like surface finishes. Porous chucks have Ceramic, Quartz or metal inserts which can loosen. Dicing chucks are often damaged during blade set up procedures as well as from blade or flange height/depth miscalculations. Eventually, the chuck’s vacuum seal surface may become scratched and pores may become clogged. Continuing to use a damaged chuck limits your company’s capabilities and compromises quality. Replacing a damaged chuck can cost thousands of dollars.

Reconditioning will restore your part to its original flatness and surface quality, giving years of added use at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Turnaround time, of only one to several days (depending on size and complexity of the part) will keep your machine downtime to a minimum.