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Optical Glass Properties

Fiber Optics profiles with WYKO Interferometer

Fiber Optics Interferometric Non-Contact Measurements
Interferometric single fiber or NxN fiber array non-contact measurements, using WYKO state of art instrumentation with sub-nanometer resolution, are now available from Valley Design Corp.

Single fiber measurements include:

  • Fiber protrusions or under cut
  • Apex offset
  • Radius of curvature
  • Surface roughness of cladding and core
  • APC angle
  • Fiber dimensions

NxN fiber array measurements, in addition to single fiber measurements, also include:

  • Fiber-to-fiber height difference
  • Maximum and minimum fiber heights

For these measurements Valley can provide:

  • Extensive reporting
  • Archiving
  • Statistical analysis
  • Customized printed reports

How does WYKO non-contact interferometer work?

In Phase Shifting Interferometer (PSI) mode, a mechanical translation system alters the optical path length of
the test and reference beams in a series of shifts. Each optical path change causes a lateral shift in the fringe pattern. The shifted fringes are recorded by a detector inside the interferometer, producing a series of interferograms to determine the surface height profile.

In Vertical Scanning Interferometry (VSI) mode, the surface is profiled by scanning vertically downward so that
each point on the surface produces an interference signal. At evenly spaced intervals during the scan, “frames” of interference data imaged by the video camera are captured and processed. Using a series of computer algorithms,
the system locates the peak of the interference signal for each point on the surface and processes them in parallel to determine the surface height profile.

How accurate is the WYKO interferometer?

  • Measures surface heights from 0.1nm to 500 microns.
  • Vertical resolution 0.1nm
  • Different objectives make it easy to measure a wide range of samples

Valley Design measurement services are ideally suited for various R&D investigations in polished surface finishes,
magnetic heads, substrates, dice, and wafer analysis and etc.

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