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Optical Glass Properties

Infrared Germanium Optical Wafer, Window and Germanium Crystals

Germanium infrared optical windows and wafers
Valley Design is a manufacturer of infrared optical materials. Our products are derived from germanium crystals and become optoelectronic materials for infrared optics, night vision, laser applications, and x-rays. We have the capability of manufacturing an ultra-thin germanium wafer (25 microns), as well as exceptional quality infrared optical wafers. Valley Design’s germanium optical window has a broad transmission range and is well suited for infrared applications. We offer a large variety of our infrared optical wafer, including stainless steel, sapphire, silicon, and bonded wafers to name a few.

We strive to have excellent service regarding flatness, parallelism, tolerances, and surface finish for all our products.

Germanium Wafers, Blanks, Disks and Windows

Germanium (Ge) optical grade monocrystalline, N-type with (1:1:1) crystal orientation and resistivity of 5 to 40 ohm-cm.

Optoelectronic material for:

  • infrared optics
  • night vision
  • laser applications
  • x-rays

Products manufacturing:

  • disks
  • windows
  • optical components
  • wedges
  • ultra-thin wafers to 0.001 in. (25 microns)
  • substrates

Surface finish: to 10/5 (under 10 Angstroms)
Surface figure: to 1/8 wave Infrared IR optical materials – windows, substrates and wafers Zinc Selenide ZnSe blanks and optical windows Zinc Sulfide ZnS regular grade windows, substrates and wafers Multispectral Zinc Sulfide, Cleartran TM Ultra-thin sapphire wafers, substrates and windows Optical grade FZ silicon for IR optics – windows, wafers and substrates