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Optical Glass Properties

Thin Sapphire Windows and Substrates

The thinnest Sapphire wafers and parts can be made from A-plane Sapphire [1120] orientation. Thickness of 25 microns (0.0009") has been achieved.

With R-plane sapphire [1102] orientation, a realistic thickness for wafers and substrates is 75 microns (0.0029″). C-plane sapphire may also be thinned to as thin as 75 microns.

Size is not a real limitation for thin wafers and substrates. Parts 12½” x 2½” x 0.0035″ have been produced in polished Sapphire.

Depending on orientation, polished sapphire is available with a surface finish less than 5 Angstroms, and measured on our WYKO non-contact interferometer.

Other sapphire wafer services provided by Valley Design include dicing, sapphire cnc machining, backgrinding, wafer thinning, hole drilling, and edge and angle polishing.

Available from stock are A-plane sapphire wafers to thinness of 0.001″ (25 microns) and R-plane sapphire wafers, starting as thin as .003″ (75 microns). These may be lapped or polished on 1 or 2 sides.