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Precision Lapping & Polishing Metal Parts

Contract Lapping and Polishing Services and Contract Production Lapping Services

Production lapping services both single and double sided on all materials
Precision lapping services and production lapping and polishing services for a wide variety of materials are provided by Valley Design. From soft materials such as Polyimide and PEEK to hard materials such as Sapphire and everything in between, Valley laps and polishes all materials with no size limitations. Parts requiring lapping and polishing services can be sized from small single IC Silicon dies 1mm square x 25um thick to large parts such as 6' long wind tunnels. Lightband flatnesses and micron level tolerances can be held. Lapped surface finishes are non reflective, and range from 10-30u" Ra depending on the material type. Polished surface finishes are reflective, and range from < 3 Angstroms Ra to 1000 Angstroms (4u" Ra).

Lapping processes are described as the various finishing operations which incorporate abrasives of varying roughnesses applied to lapping machines. Lapping machines feature a rotating lap table which by adjusting speeds, pressures, and abrasive strength can produce very flat, smooth surfaces on a wide variety of materials. Lapping processes are also used (instead of grinding) when tight thickness tolerances, flatness and parallelism are required. Polishing processes are silimar to lapping, but use finer abrasives and slurries, and may incorporate the use of various pads.

Valley Design provides production lapping services and contract lapping services on both customer supplied and our own supplied materials. With over 100 lapping and polishing machines, we have one of the largest lapping and polishing capacities in the world.

Materials which may be lapped and polished include: Aluminum Nitride and Alumina Ceramics, Fused Silica and Quartz, Glass of all types, Silicon Carbide, Sapphire, Ferrites, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Copper, All types of Plastics and PEEK, Titanium, Aluminum, Tungsten, Sapphire, Hardcoated Aluminum, Silicon, Teflon, Molybdenum, Carbon, Polymers, and many others.

Applications requiring precision lapping include: Precision Washers, Shims and Spacers sized to micron level tolerances, Precision Wafers and Substrates of all Types, Semiconductor equipment gates and doors, Steel Molds, Heat Sinks, Medical and Biomedical Applications, Sealing Surfaces, Solar Cells, Valves and Seals of all Types, Vacuum Chucks, E-Chucks, Microelectronic Applications.

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