CNC Micro machining services of hard materials to micron tolerances

CNC Micromachining services for Micron Level Tolerances

CNC micromachining service for all hard materials to micron level tolerances is now available from Valley Design. By incorporating 5 Axis CNC micromachining capabilities to its extensive range of precision machining services, Valley offers a one-stop solution.  From CNC machining to precision lapping, optical polishing, ultrasonic hole drilling, production dicing, backgrinding, wafering, edge polishing and beveling, Valley can do it all.  Special capabilities include ultra-thinning, polishing to Angstrom level finishes, micron level tolerances, and tight flatness, parallelism and TTV specifications.


Materials for CNC micromachining include Fused Silica, Glass, Quartz, 96% - 99.9% Alumina ceramics, Aluminum Nitride, Metals and more.  Valley can machine your provided material, or from our extensive inventory. CNC machined features may include pockets, through-holes, slots, channels, edge chamfers, corner chamfers, radii, steps, and complex shapes with tight tolerances.slotted samples

Product Applications:

  • Alumina medical sensor light baffles - semicircular shapes with 1mm dimensions x a fraction of a millimeter thick.
  • Borofloat glass odd-shaped polished and micromachined package covers
  • 304 stainless substrates, few millionths square by 0.5mm thick polished to less than 50 Angstroms surface finish.
  • Copper and Titanium circular shims  sequentially spaced with thickness tolerance of + .5um
  • Aluminum mirrors with gold coating

Precision CNC micromachining services from Valley, your one stop full service micromachining facility:







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