Polished polyimide wafers and substrates

Pure Unfilled Polyimide Polished Wafers and Substrates

The low dielectric constant, excellent processing characteristics, chemical resistance, flexibility, high temperature stability and smooth polished surface finish make pure, unfilled thermoset polyimide a desirable material for numerous critical applications.

Polished Polyimide Wafers Currently In Stock:
All items listed below are polished on one side to 5nm Ra surface roughness.

PI - P1 - Ø2X020 0.020" 2"
PI - P1 - Ø3X020 0.020" 3"
PI - P1 - Ø100XØ500 500 µm 100 mm
PI - P1 - Ø150XØ500 500 µm 150 mm

Thinner and thicker wafers are available on special order. Please call or email for details.

Polyimide wafer high performance applications include:

  • Thin film substrates
  • Packaging applications
  • Silicon and metal foil strain gauges
  • Solar cell substrates
  • MEMS microstructures

Valley Design Corp. manufactures polished polyimide wafers under license from Opticomp Networks US Patents No. 6, 563, 998 and 6, 807, 328.







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