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Optical Glass Properties

UV ultraviolet glass from colored filter glass

UV Transmitting and UV Absorbing Glass Filters
Ultraviolet colored optical filter glass comes in standard sizes of 50mm square by 1mm and 2mm thick. Custom thicknesses for UV glass filters are from .1mm (.004in) to 10mm (.400in) thick and in geometries up to 200mm (8in).

UV transmitting ,
VIS absorbing optical filter glass

Ultraviolet glass filters, while absorbing visible light, transmit UV light.
These ultraviolet filters are used for UV lighting applications and are designated as
HU 01, HU 02 and HU 03.

HU 01 is equivalent to Schott UG11 and Hoya U-340
HU 02 is equivalent to Schott UG1 and Hoya U-360
HU 03 is equivalent to Schott UG5 and Hoya U-330

UV absorbing, VIS transmitting optical glass filters
Absorbing UV glass filter absorb the shorter wavelengths of UV, for example
UV 280 has a transition wavelength of 280nm and transmit visible light.
These optical filters are designated as UV 280 and UV 360.

UV 280 is equivalent to Schott WG 280 and Hoya UV-28
UV 360 is equivalent to Schott WG 360 and Hoya UV-36

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