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Optical Glass Properties

MEMS Thinning

MEMS Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems can contain small mechanical, optical and electronic elements produced by litographic techniques. Valley stocks and processes many of the materials, including ultra thin, for use in these applications.

Silicon-Direct-Bonding (SDB) or Wafer-Direct-Bonding (WDB) also referred to as Fusion Bonding is accomplished when smooth and flat Silicon surfaces are brought together at high temperature. High quality surface finishes (<10A), when required, are provided by Valley Design.

Anodic Bonding, also referred to as Electrostatic Bonding, is a process where glass to Silicon or a metal is permanently attached with an irreversible chemical bond. This is accomplished with heat and high voltage.

SOI Silicon-On-Insulator refers to a thin layer of Silicon on top of an insulating layer such as glass or Silicon Oxide.

For answers to your complex technology needs, come to the company that has been a leader in advanced and ultra thin materials processing for nearly 50 years. Valley had pioneered the innovative techniques used to produce the substrates and components for MEMS and many other applications. Valley also stocksmany of these materials.