Special Capabilities for Materials Processed at Valley Design

Valley Design proudly offers special capabilities for our CNC machining services like ultra-thinning, polishing to angstrom-level finishes, micron-level tolerances and TTV specifications. Stock materials available for CNC machining are fused silica, glass, quartz, alumina ceramic, metals and more. Our industry-leading CNC machining equipment means accurate fabrication of materials processed and efficient order fulfillment.

Our facilities also include dicing services for all metallic materials and more. Robs and substrates can be diced to custom specs, with microchips diced as thin as .005 inches.

For custom fabrication of materials processed, contact our sales team today for quoting and pricing on our CNC machining and dicing services. We can even deliver to your company within 24 hours when necessary.

Send your specifications and product requirements to Valley Design for pinpoint accuracy in material processed fabrication with our state-of-the-art CNC machining and dicing equipment. Any requirements and specifications for materials processed will be met by our professional team of manufacturers.