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Polished Stainless Steel Wafers

Stainless steel wafers and substrates are now available from Valley in lapped or polished surface finishes.

Stainless Steel wafers and substrates may be used for various applications such as solar cells, thick film circuitry, heaters, and for many R&D and medical applications. SS wafers are available in standard SEMI diameters with various finishes ranging from a few Angstroms to rough machined surfaces, and in all thicknesses from as thin as 25um up to large thick vacuum chucks. Standard wafer thicknesses are 50um, 125um, 250um, 500um, 1mm and thicker.

Commonly available surface finishes for these Stainless Steel wafers and substrates include:

  • As-machined
  • Abrasive lapped
  • Diamond lapped
  • Buffed
  • Fine buffed
  • Polished
  • Fine polished
  • Optically polished

Stainless Steel grades commonly available are 304SS, 316SS and 430SS. Depending on the required surface finish, 304SS wafers are stocked in evaluation quantities. 316 Stainless Steel wafers contain molybdenum, and as such, have excellent corrosion resistance. When specifying SS wafers from Valley, please provide your specifications for geometry, thickness, thickness tolerance, total thickness variation, flatness and surface finish required. Please call or e-mail for more details, or for a quotation per your specifications.

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