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Gorilla Glass Wafers

Standard Sizes Gorilla Glass Wafers
Gorilla Glass Wafers

Gorilla glass is manufactured by Corning and as a standard, comes unstrengthened chemically. The glass is an alkali-aluminosilicate thin sheet glass, that through its composition allows a deeper layer of chemical strengthening than has been previously possible with other chemically strengthened glasses. Gorilla glass may not be chemically strengthened prior to fabricating the final size required, as it will fracture. However, once the final size is diced, polished or otherwise machined, the glass may be strengthened using an ion exchange process.

The ion exchange process is performed by placing the glass in a hot bath of molten salt at approximately 400 degrees C. This causes smaller sodium ions to leave the glass, while larger potassium ions from the salt bath replace them. As the glass cools, the larger potassium ions are pressed together, forming a layer of compressive stress on the glass. By design, the composition of Gorilla glass allows for a deeper layer of absorbtion of the potassium ions, thereby creating a high compressive stress level deep into the glass.

Standard Delivery is approximately 2½ weeks. Please call or e-mail for details (pricing and availability may be subject to change)

Surface finish is standard transparent 60/40 scratch/dig.  Flatness is 3-5 waves/inch.  Valley can also lap and polish Gorilla Glass to improve the surface finish and flatness.  Valley can also dice Gorilla Glass to any die size from as small as 0.127mm square.

NOTE: If chemical strengthening is required, please advise at time of quotation. Standard Gorilla glass comes unstrengthened, as it must be machined to final size prior to chemical strengthening.

Datasheet for Gorilla Glass Wafers

Item # Geometry Thickness
GOR-101 1″ diameter .55mm +/- .07mm
GOR-102 1″ diameter .7mm +/- .07mm
GOR-103 1″ diameter 1.1mm +/- .1mm
GOR-104 1″ diameter 2.0mm +/- .2mm
GOR-105 1″ square .55mm +/- .07mm
GOR-106 1″ square .7mm +/- .07mm
GOR-107 1″ square 1.1mm +/- .1mm
GOR-108 1″ square 2.0mm +/- .2mm
GOR-109 2″ diameter .55mm +/- .07mm
GOR-110 2″ diameter .7mm +/- .07mm
GOR-111 2″ diameter 1.1mm +/- .1mm
GOR-112 2″ diameter 2.0mm +/- .2mm
GOR-113 2″ square .55mm +/- .07mm
GOR-114 2″ square .7mm +/- .07mm
GOR-115 2″ square 1.1mm +/- .1mm
GOR-116 2″ square 2.0mm +/- .2mm
GOR-117 3″ diameter w/flat .55mm +/- .07mm
GOR-118 3″ diameter w/flat .7mm +/- .07mm
GOR-119 3″ diameter w/flat 1.1mm +/- .1mm
GOR-120 3″ diameter w/flat 2.0mm +/- .2mm
GOR-121 3″square .55mm +/- .07mm
GOR-122 3″square .7mm +/- .07mm
GOR-123 3″square 1.1mm +/- .1mm
GOR-124 3″square 2.0mm +/- .2mm
GOR-125 100mm diameter w/flat .55mm +/- .07mm
GOR-126 100mm diameter w/flat .7mm +/- .07mm
GOR-127 100mm diameter w/flat 1.1mm +/- .1mm
GOR-128 100mm diameter w/flat 2.0mm +/- .2mm
GOR-129 100mm square .55mm +/- .07mm
GOR-130 100mm square .7mm +/- .07mm
GOR-131 100mm square 1.1mm +/- .1mm
GOR-132 100mm square 2.0mm +/- .2mm
GOR-133 125mm diameter w/flat .55mm +/- .07mm
GOR-134 125mm diameter w/flat .7mm +/- .07mm
GOR-135 125mm diameter w/flat 1.1mm +/- .1mm
GOR-136 125mm diameter w/flat 2.0mm +/- .2mm
GOR-137 125mm square .55mm +/- .07mm
GOR-138 125mm square .7mm +/- .07mm
GOR-139 125mm square 1.1mm +/- .1mm
GOR-140 125 mm square 2.0mm +/- .2mm
GOR-141 150mm diameter w/flat .55mm +/- .07mm
GOR-142 150mm diameter w/flat .7mm +/- .07mm
GOR-143 150mm diameter w/flat 1.1mm +/- .1mm
GOR-144 150mm diameter w/flat 2.0mm +/- .2mm
GOR-145 150mm square .55mm +/- .07mm
GOR-146 150mm square .7mm +/- .07mm
GOR-147 150mm square 1.1mm +/- .1mm
GOR-148 150mm square 2.0mm +/- .2mm
GOR-149 200mm diameter w/ or w/o notch .55mm +/- .07mm
GOR-150 200mm diameter w/ or w/o notch .7mm +/- .07mm
GOR-151 200mm diameter w/ or w/o notch 1.1mm +/- .1mm
GOR-152 200mm diameter w/ or w/o notch 2.0mm +/- .2mm
GOR-153 300mm diameter w/ or w/o notch .55mm +/- .07mm
GOR-154 300mm diameter w/ or w/o notch .7mm +/- .07mm
GOR-155 300mm diameter w/ or w/o notch 1.1mm +/- .1mm
GOR-156 300mm diameter w/ or w/o notch 2.0mm +/- .2mm
GOR-157 450mm diameter w/ or w/o notch .55mm +/- .07mm
GOR-158 450mm diameter w/ or w/o notch .7mm +/- .07mm
GOR-159 450mm diameter w/ or w/o notch 1.1mm +/- .1mm
GOR-160 450mm diameter w/ or w/o notch 2.0mm +/- .2mm